Fall Break in London


Temple students studying in London have taken full advantage of their opportunities to travel during their fall break. They are now halfway through their semester of classes and internships.

Marianna Zimmerman and Robert Monroe talked to some of their fellow Temple London students before and after their break.

Some chose to stay and explore London more thoroughly, while others planned trips around Europe. Tara Levine, a Strategic Communications and Jewish Studies major, was heading to Barcelona, Venice and Rome. Communications Studies major Jennifer Hutz also had an ambitious itinerary.“I’m going to Switzerland first, and then I’m meeting a friend in Rome, and then to Bologna, and then Warsaw after that, and then Brussels, and finally back to London.”

But Kyle Schuerger, a Media Studies and Production major, was going to stick close to home. “I’m going to be staying in London over the fall break because I want to make sure I see as much of London as possible. I figured it was going to be cheaper, and there’s still plenty to do.”

After the break, students who left London talked about exploring different languages, different cuisine and of course, different landscapes. “Being in Geneva, you were surrounded by the Swiss Alps and it was surreal – it was the coolest thing,” remembers Jennifer. Tara says her visit to Spain revived her language skills. “In Barcelona I actually got to speak Spanish. I took eight years of it in high school and I was really excited to use it and I used it a lot, so that was exciting.”

Kyle didn’t regret his decision to stay in London. “I think i twas the first time that I didn’t have to worry about studying in London or working in London. It was just living in London, meeting more locals, you know, just living the London life.” And he was happy to see his traveling classmates return. “Everybody was hugging each other,” he remembers, “really happy to see everyone. It was really cool.”

Musical Theatre major Melissa Wolner was one of those travelers who was happy to return. “Because I was constantly picking up and moving, I couldn’t wait to get back to London because I really love London. I really liked the places I travelled to, but I definitely chose the right place to study abroad.”

“I’m having the time of my live abroad,” says Jennifer Hutz. “I can’t even believe I was in all those places.” She has advice for those considering studying abroad: “Just keep an open mind when traveling, because those are probably the best experiences you’ll have.”

For more information on the London Study Abroad program, click here.

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