MCPB Hosts Fall Fest

Temple Students are fall-ing into the joy of Autumn.

Temple’s Main Campus Program Board hosted its second annual Fall Fest on October 25th. Students took a break from their classes to come out and enjoy the warm, breezy weather. They had the opportunity to participate in the making of DIY pumpkins and Mason jars. MCPB Director of Events, Valeria Lopez told Temple Update, “it is really de-stressing especially during all of the school work and midterms. I think that it was great over all.”

MCPB had a scary aspect to the fest. This marks the first time that Temple has ever had a haunted trailer on campus. Temple Update was not allowed to film inside the trailer, but did to speak to  students about their experience. Freshmen Jared Blank told us it was not what he expected, as the trailer was smaller than he originally anticipated. However, he said that did not hinder the scariness of the experience.

Students not only took advantage of the activities, but the food as well. Fall Fest served the traditional festival foods of cotton candy, candy apples, popcorn, and funnel cake. Many students enjoyed the free food and came back for more. Main Campus Program Board will be hosting another event in December and throughout the year. For more information about those events follow them, @TempleMCPB, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

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