Phone Repair Booth Becomes a Source for Jobs, Internships for Students


In modern society, smartphones have become a necessity for college students.

Studies show that half of American college students have damaged their smartphone. This often becomes a common financial burden for these students.

Jesse Dilaura, a recent Temple graduate, noticed that there was not an affordable or on-campus campus for students to get their broken devices repaired.

“I’ve been repairing phones since I was a freshman,” said Dilaura, “what I was doing was fixing them for cheap in my dorm room, which is on campus. So, basically, I covering a major need and I didn’t even notice.”

The high demand for phone repair around campus has been keeping “Repair U” busy since its inception.

“Our average slow day is probably about five or four people,” said Markees Quille, the head technician for Repair U. “On a busy day, we’d probably may get like … 10 or 11 students.”

When it comes to being part of the team, being tech savvy is not necessary, as long as you’re excited and passionate about affordable phone repair on campus.  Most of the technicians and leading members of the team are active undergraduate Temple students. For them, Repair U is more than a job. Students can also use this experience for credits.

“Students are coming and saying, what is this truck?” said Dilaura, “I’m consistently telling them who we are and what we do. That has let us to build valuable relationships and even some internships, and employment opportunities with quite a few students.”

Dilaura also mentioned how students don’t need to be part of a specific major to be part of the Repair U team.  Everyone, ranging from Business majors to Media and Communication students are welcome.

Repair U may still new to campus and the community, but its owners ready to branch out and are currently looking into opening a Drexel location.


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