First Annual Temple Entrepreneur Summit

The Fox School of Business is the go-to place for business career fairs on Temple’s campus.

Employers generally meet to find potential graduating talent for employment. What they usually don’t do is provide pitching assistance. That’s where the First Annual Temple Entrepreneur Summit came in on Monday, December 5th.

The First Annual Summit started at 4 PM and concluded around 8 PM that evening.

The Entrepreneur Summit opened with a mentoring session followed by several students pitching their business ideas. Most of the students were Fox Business majors, but a Film and Media Arts major was more than willing to share why he came to the Summit.

“So, my ultimate goal tonight is to meet different entrepreneur spirited students, Fox School of Business and also other students from other schools around Temple’s campus,” says Justin Harrison.

Attendance by students, faculty, and business representatives made this First Annual Summit an event that should be a continued tradition at the Fox School of Business.

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