Fox School of Business Expansion

Fox School of Business Dean Moshe Porat has been working on a project with Dozie Ibeh, Associate Vice President of the Project Delivery Group, to expand classroom space, modernize the Entrepreneurship Institute, and add a new atrium.

They have been planning to construct this model for approximately three years since the school is growing with more students each year.

Marguerite Anglin, Project Manager and Architect for the Project Delivery Group, is in charge of all of the design construction at Temple University. To manage the design process, Anglin sought out outside design consultants to compare ideas and make construction models for contractors to build.

A rendering of the skywalk across Liacouras Walk. (Courtesy of Fox School of Business)

Porat says that he wants to make students’ lives easier by connecting a bridge from 1810 Liacouras Walk to Alter Hall. Having a bridge can help students get to class on time and keep them safe from walking outside in harsh weather conditions.

“We are the fastest growing and largest school in Temple. We are more than a quarter of the University. We have more than 10,000 students running around from class to class,” said Porat.

Besides the structure of the bridge and building, Anglin claims that “the business school really wanted to have a design that where 1810 Liacouras and Alter Hall visually relate to each other.”

The Fox School of Business brought their ideas to the Project Delivery Group and both of them negotiated what could work.

Many students state that they were not notified about the construction around Alter and Wachman Hall. The fencing around the school did not cause an inconvenience to them. However, the pathways become congested when classes change.

“If I could have all my teachers let us out early, it’d be easier,” says Matthew Tremblay.

Fox School of Business wants the new building to reflect on the quality of their programs. When transfer and high school students walk on campus tours, the University wants incoming students to know what Temple offers them.

The new renovations are expected to be finished by the beginning of fall 2018.

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