Hit Button, Get Story

The South lobby of the Student Activities Center has just received a Short Story Dispenser, allowing students to read and experience short stories with the press of a button.

Installed by Temple Libraries, the dispenser features dozens of stories of various origins.

Those using the dispenser can choose between local or international authors. After pressing their preferred button, the machine will randomly select and print a story for them.

Sara Wilson, with Temple Libraries, explains that the idea behind this machine was “to spread literacy across Temple’s Campus.”

Temple Libraries held a writing contest for Temple students and staff, and the winning submissions were chosen to be featured in the machine.

Freshman Sean MacDonald, a featured author in the short story machine, reacted to this device saying, “I’ve never seen anything like this before. A place where normal people can have their voices heard.”

There are many other Short Story Dispensers located throughout the city, from the Free Library of Philadelphia to the Philadelphia International Airport.

Temple Libraries plans on holding another contest next year to feature new stories through the Short Story Dispenser.

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