Friendsgiving and Fall Break at Temple

Fall break is right around the corner for Temple students. Some are already celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday early with friends.

“I was sitting one day and I just thought hmm… I love my friends, I love my roommates and I love food so let me plan a Friendsgiving,” said Jeanie Davey, a senior public relations major.

Friendsgiving is similar to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Friends, classmates and roommates gather in dorms, or off campus apartments, and each make a dish like turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes and then enjoy the company of friends and feast. The dinners have become a tradition for many Temple students.

Davey planned her Friendsgiving about a month in advance. She recently had the dinner and reflected on how much work she and her friends had put in to getting the dinner together.

“It was pretty hectic in our kitchen. People, you know, smushed together, trying to, you know, put something in the oven or mix something up. Putting the table together. It was kind of a madhouse but a fun madhouse,” said Davey.

Kate Wright, a senior, said she has been going to Friendsgivings for three years. For her the chance for her to catch up with friends during a busy time of the year is a great advantage of going to the meal.

“It’s kind of nice to have like these big dinners because it does feel like a family. And kind of like your extended family sometimes,” said Wright. “You get caught up and you’re away from each other and doing your own thing so it’s nice to, kind of, reconvene.”

Other students are looking toward next week’s break. Some are taking a break from studying and instead are indulging in more leisurely activities

“Yeah I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be a nice relief. I’m just going to play video games all break,” said Will Packer.

Alex White said he is spending his time having a simple traditional Thanksgiving.

“Just staying home. Having Thanksgiving dinner with my family,” said White.

The week before the fall holiday is an especially busy time on campus. Many say they have been inundated with work and are tired. Joy Jamil said she was looking forward to one thing in particular to get relief in the coming week.

“Just not being at school,” said Jamil. “Just being relieved of stress from school.”

The late-November break offers Temple students a chance to de-stress right before finals which are less than a month away.

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