SEPTA Travel Wallet to Replace Token Travel

Temple students and Philadelphia residents will transition from tokens to the Septa Key. SEPTA introduced the key in June as a pathway for early adopters to transition from the outdated token to a virtual payment plan. Just this week Septa unveiled the newest addition to the SEPTA Key, the Travel Wallet. This installment to the SEPTA Key will help continue the gradual phase out of the token, and make the SEPTA Key even more compatible for Septa riders.

The SEPTA Key along with the Travel Wallet is actually quite simple to use, and will allow riders to not have to worry about carrying around cash to buy tokens or having exact change to purchase a fare. Those who wish to purchase a travel wallet must currently go to Septa’s office building at 1234 Market Street. Once they arrive at the office, simply pick up a SEPTA Key from the ticket office free of charge, and then either choose to load money on to the cards Travel Wallet option at the ticket office or at a fare kiosk located within the building or one of SEPTA’s premiere transit stations. The minimum amount one can add to the Travel Wallet at once is $10, while the maximum one can add is $250. Travel Wallet users will also be able to purchase weekly and monthly transpasses and have them uploaded to their SEPTA Key. Currently SEPTA Key and Transit Wallets are valid for 3 years once they are activated after picking them up at Septa’s main office building.

Once the Travel Wallet is available at all Fare Kiosks, users will be able to check their funds and add money to the Wallets at all Septa stations and bus loops. It is very important for users of the Travel wallet to register their card through Septa in the case of their card being lost or stolen. The introduction of the Travel Wallet will be a major change for residents of Philadelphia, and will allow riders get to their destinations with ease throughout the city.

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