Study Away LA: Thanksgiving Break

Three thousand miles away from home, Temple students studying in LA are trying to get a taste of their East Coast homes for Thanksgiving.

Maddie McDonald, a senior Media Studies and Production student, will be sharing Thanksgiving with a friend from her home town.

“My best friend is flying out and she has family that’s staying out here,” McDonald said.

Her first major holiday away from her own family is giving her the chance to be an honorary member of another.

“It’s nice because I’ll get to be the little extended cousin and do the whole family thing without my real family being out here so it’s a nice home away from home.”

Some families are making the long flight out, but with a new twist to Thanksgiving meal.

“My family is coming out. We usually stay in and have a big thanksgiving dinner with the rest of the family, but since it’s just us we’re going to go to P.F. Chang’s,” Nick Foye said.

Foye isn’t the only one to enjoy home cooking this holiday season. Isaiah Moore is welcoming another family’s recipe onto his palate this year.

“My good friend and roommate Gabe, his mother is coming up, and she’s going to make us a turkey,” Moore said.

A “Friendsgiving” is replacing Thanksgiving for some without family making the trip.

“My boyfriend’s coming out and then I’m visiting my friend in San Francisco and we’ll have a little Friendsgiving and it’ll be great,” Kaitlin Osborn, a senior MSP student, said.

While it might not be the traditional “Thanksgiving” meal, many of the same favorites will be present.

“I’m planning on having some cranberry sauce and some mashed potatoes and like some stuffing, you know, the classics,” Osborn said.

Dana Sliwinski, a senior studying Film and Media Arts, is taking the opportunity to perfect a family tradition, herself.

“My grandma make the best home made rolls. So I’m going to make them out here this time. I’ll make them myself so I’ll have a little piece of that, out here while I’m away from home”

Others are gaining a new perspective on their home away from home.

“This town is packed, but apparently this place is a ghost town on thanksgiving day and I really want to see what that looks like,” Patrick Dwyer, a senior FMA student, said.

While he says he’ll miss his large and still growing family, Dwyer isn’t worried about his first Thanksgiving away from Pennsylvania.

“I’m sure there’ll be other people here and we’ll make the best of it.”

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