Going Southbound for “South Pacific”

Beautiful, tropical scenery, catchy music and witty dialogue from the 1940s! What more could someone want for the weekend?!

Walnut Street TheatreWhile most Temple students were watching the Eagles game on Sunday, my roommate, Olivia, and I ventured down to the Walnut Street Theatre to see their production of Rodger and Hammerstein’s South Pacific.

South Pacific tells the story of a nurse, Nellie (Kate Fahrner), a lieutenant, Lieutenant Cable (Ben Michael), and a gaggle of army men and island natives during wartime in the 1940s.

Nellie falls in love with a French plantation owner on an island off the coast of Asia. The ditsy nurse runs into a conflict when she finds out that the frenchman has a dark past. Along with Nellie, Cable also has a dynamic story. While in the South Pacific, the strapping lieutenant falls in love with an unlikely character. He faces a challenge; does he choose love or go on a mission that could help America win the war.

The biggest surprise of the production had to be the quirky cameo made by Orange is the New Black’s star, Lori Tan Chinn who is known for her character, Chang. In the production, Chinn plays Bloody Mary, the enchanting trader of the island.

As soon as we entered the theatre, we were greeted by beautiful, tall, green palm trees that made the audience crave a tropical juice in hand and the wondrous sounds of gentle waves crashing.

Needless to say, the stage design was breathtaking.

The audience was stunned by all of the larger than life dance numbers along with the tear-jerking ballads. The fan-favorite of the show had to be the production’s rendition of “Honey Bun,” in which the Nellie sings in an oversized Navy uniform, serenading Luther Billis (Fran Prisco) who sports a picture of a ship on his bare stomach.

Overall, the production was a success earning an eager standing ovation from the audience.

Want to see South Pacific? The production takes place from September 6th-October 23rd. Tickets cost $20-$95.

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