SMC Professor launches LGBTQ Video Game Archive

For Adrienne Shaw, what started as a sabbatical project has now become her next big work. Following the release of her book, Gaming at the Edge, Shaw began work on the LGBTQ Video Game archive, a collection of instances of LGBT culture from the last thirty years of gaming.

Shaw, along with the help of several student aides, has been building the archive since the summer of 2015, and has built it up to 490 entries spanning from obscure titles in the 1980s, such as Moonmist, containing one of the earliest references to LGBT culture, to upcoming games that have not been released yet.

Shaw spoke to Temple Update about how the archive came to be this big endeavor.

“I’ve wanted to make something publicly available for people who are interested in these topics to go to instead of starting from scratch” Shaw said.

The LGBTQ Video Game Archive currently holds around 250 completed entries of LGBT culture in video games, Shaw says that while the archive is around halfway to completion, the goal is not to be done.

“I think that having a collection of well-researched information on LGBTQ content is key to giving people space to tell more stories about these games.” Shaw said when asked about the long-term goals of the archive.


Shaw’s work can be viewed at


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