HootaThon Spreads Awareness for Child Health Day

On Monday, October 2nd, Temple University’s HootaThon program kicked off the morning by spreading awareness for their annual Child Health Day. Child Health Day promotes health insurance and access to better health care for children.

The day began at 10 AM with tables set up outside the Student Center and members handing out flyers and lollipops. In addition, games, snacks, and crafts were set up at their headquarters in room 200B of the Student Center to incorporate the importance of child life amidst health issues.

The HootaThon program wanted to bring attention to children in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and to all Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Executive Director MaryAnn Thackrah says, “We really love spreading the awareness for our movement so that was the choice that HootaThon chose to have as the impact that we’re doing today.”

Director of Communications for HootaThon, Brooke Schisler, expresses the support HootaThon has for the children, stating, “Today is a big cause connection day which is super cool because we just want everyone to know that we’re here to support the kids, and commit for the kids.”

Aside from Child Health Day, HootaThon will continue spreading the importance of child health with activities such as a 12-hour dance marathon occurring later in the school year. HootaThon will also use the hashtag #CommitForTheKidsToday in continuing the spread awareness.

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