Household COVID-19 Quarantine Impact

On Thursday, March 14th, Montgomery County was put under quarantine. Count officials urged everyone to stay in their homes and not to report to work for the next 2 weeks. Living in this county impacted my family in many ways.

One of the main things we were concerned about was shopping. But, it turns out we had missed the rush.

“The aisles were empty. It wasn’t crowded. I think I missed the mad rush. Like a couple of days prior but I had everything. I didn’t need to go to the store.” said Amy Johnson, a Montgomery County resident.

This quarantine impacted more than just my family. My sister is a part of the Philadelphia School District was told not to come into work even though Philadelphia had not yet closed their schools.

She said “I didn’t know I was supposed to stay home until like 5 am. I got up, got showered was like getting dressed and I got a text that said if you live in Montgomery County, don’t come in today.”

No one was ready for this type of impact but we are all preparing the best way we know-how. We are all waiting to see how this will play out. Amy Johnson stated that “It’s something I’ve never seen, or I think any of us has ever seen before. It’s interesting.”


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