JUUL Stops Sales of Mint-Flavored E-Cigarettes in US

Juul Mint Pods – Credit: Juul Labs

E-cigarette manufacturer Juul Labs is taking another step to address the issue of underage vaping and deal with increasing criticism of the habit.

On Thursday, the San-Fransisco based company voluntarily pulled its best-selling mint-flavored pods from shelves across the United States. New government research shows that the brand and its mint-flavored e-cigarettes are most popular among high-schoolers. The research also indicates that 1 in 4 high-school students have reported using an e-cigarette within the previous month, despite federal law banning sales to minors.

The company made a similar move last year when it stopped selling its fruity and dessert flavored pods in another attempt to reduce usage among minors. Health officials say that underage vaping has reached epidemic levels.

“If they really wanted to keep the kids away they would also get rid of menthol,” said Meredith Berkman of Parents Against Vaping E-Cigarettes.

With mint no longer being offered, the company will continue to sell tobacco and menthol-flavored pods.

Over the summer, Temple University implemented a tobacco-free policy for all U.S. campuses. The policy bans the use of tobacco including nicotine delivery devices like e-cigarettes. For information on the policy and resources to assist in quitting use, visit Temple Univerity’s website.

The Associated Press’ Matthew Perrone and Temple Update’s Jake Zebley contributed to this story.

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