Love and Heartbreak at an Adele Concert

Laura is what you would call the ultimate Adele fan.

Everytime she listens to the British singer, she closes her eyes, moves with the music and lets out passionate hums.  When she heard Adele was coming to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, she immediately began to cry, literally. It was her prophetic mission to acquire tickets to see her soulful idol. Little did Laura realize that what she expected to be the best night of her freshman year, would soon turn sour.Adele

Laura waited to purchase the tickets on September 9th, the day of the show. Due to limited availability, Laura turned to the ever so reliant website, Craigslist.

“I needed to see the show,” said Laura. 

There, she locked down two tickets on the ground level, one for her and a fellow Temple student, each costing $150. The two girls traveled to Center City to acquire the tickets. The exchange was brief, but the ladies got the tickets and that was all that mattered in the moment.

“When I went to Center City, something felt so off.”

Laura prepared for the night. She got dressed up in her favorite dress, grabbed her ticket, and left her dorm room expecting to come home from a memorable experience.

But when she got to the ticket booth, the usher tried over and over again to scan her ticket. The tickets were fake.

“Everytime they scanned the tickets, it would say stop. It always says go unless the tickets are fake.”

Being the ticket did not grant the Temple students into the Wells Fargo Center, they were escorted to the box office. The tickets would have been another $200.

“Sorry. There’s nothing we can do,” said those at the Wells Fargo Center.

They had no other option than to wait outside of the concert venue.

Laura called her mom and started sobbing. “I was heartbroken.”

All of a sudden, a police car rolled up alongside Laura and her friend. The officer asked Laura what happened and she told her story about the fake tickets through tears.

“I was surprised he understood anything I was saying,” Laura admitted.

The officer headed to the box office, and when he returned, he had two tickets in his hand.

“I hope you enjoy the show,” said the officer, whose name Laura never caught.

“I wish I could have said thank you, but he left so quickly.”

While the officer may have slipped away, the girls slipped into the front row thanks to his good deed.

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