Love is in the Air

Valentine’s Day traditions change drastically as one gets older. As a child, maybe you passed around candy to the class.  In middle school, you might have written a “secret admirer” note to your crush.  In high school, perhaps you gave flowers or chocolates to your significant other.

Now as adults, we have even more ways to express love for that special someone in our lives. With the holiday fast approaching, some Temple students have gone above and beyond to plan for the special day.

The Tyler School of Art Glass Guild held a special Valentine’s Day sale in the lobby of Tyler on Wednesday, February 12th.  The sale offered some unique gifts compared to the typical chocolate and flowers.  Gifts were available from $5-50 making it perfect for any budget.

“We have paper weights, roses, pendants, vases, cups, just about any gift that you would need for Valentine’s Day!” said Jayna Anderson, President of the Glass Guild as she listed just a few of the multitude of gifts for sale.

Others have more elaborate plans this Valentine’s Day.

“This year I got my girlfriend an infinity diamond ring.  I’m also surprising her with two dozen roses in her favorite color, purple,” said freshman, Kyle Lysek.

Lysek also went a step further.

“I told her a while ago that I wouldn’t be home for Valentine’s Day weekend but I called her mom and planned out a surprise. I’ll show up at her door with all the presents and then spend the rest of the day at her house,” said Lysek.

It seems like surprises are abundant this year.

“My girlfriend and I are going out for dinner,” said sophomore Caroline Houk. ” But then she has a surprise planned for me!”

Thankfully, you don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy the day either. Some have made plans to hang out with friends for the special day.

“We made a reservation for eight people at a new restaurant in old city and we’re all going out to dinner together,” said freshman, Shannon Hurley.

For those looking for less expensive ways to show love around campus, candy grams are available for free at all Temple Residence halls.  Residents can send three candy grams each to their significant others, friends, or love interests.

Valentine’s Day 2014 will be full of surprises, love, and friendship.

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