Match Day Brings Joyful Tears to Hundreds

Match day is the tradition these hopeful physicians have spent the last four years preparing for.

Medical students from the east to west coast simultaneously open the envelopes that decides their near future.

Two hundred to Temple’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine’s (LKSOM) seniors band together to learn where they’ll go for their residency training.

When asked how they’re feeling Chetan Safi says it’s, “a rush of excitement, nervousness…figuring out where we’ll before the next five years of our lives.”

Which residency program Safi gets accepted to isn’t the only thing on his mind. His fiancee, and fellow medical student Neha Vijayvargiya, are hoping they get matched close by each other. Vijayvargiya tells Temple Update the couple met during their first year at LKSOM. They sat in the same row together and now they’re set to wed in two months.

As the clock winds down, they grip onto their unopened letters trying to stay positive that they won’t be separated after the wedding.

Dr. Larry R. Kaiser is the Dean of the Lewis Katz School of Medicine. He went through match day himself while he was still a medical student.

“This is the day you never forget so it really does mark the beginning of the rest of your life,” Kaiser said.

When the clock hit noon tears, cheers, and hugs filled the room as students discovered where they’ll be spending the next few years.

And as for Safi and Vijayvargiya – they’ll be moving to New York City together after the wedding.


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