New Freshman Scholarship Programs

Many students find themselves overwhelmed with rising college costs. Temple University is working to change that with a new freshman scholarship program.

Over 1,500 freshman students are benefiting from a new program that grants more financial aid over wider levels of achievement. The freshman scholarship program includes a variety of award levels. As Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Karin Mormando, explains, “Our scholarships range from $3,000 to full tuition. We have our President’s, our Provost’s, our Dean’s, our Founder’s, and our University scholarships.”

For students qualifying in the top level of achievement, the university provides three $4,000 summer stipends to fund research and study abroad opportunities.

In addition to the large size of the freshman class, Karin says, “They’re just so academically talented. The SAT average for freshmen this fall rose 19 points. Our honors class rose as well, we brought in the largest honors class ever.”

Several of these students counted on their achievements to help them pay for college. Steve Overlander, a freshman scholarship award winner, says, “My family doesn’t have a lot of money in the first place, so I mean, I got almost half my cost covered by financial aid.”

With more money available to them, some freshmen claim financial aid made Temple the most affordable school for them. Layla Moran says, “I’m from Boston, Massachusetts, so even applying to schools that were in-state, Temple was still the cheapest option.”

For the students who just learned about these scholarships, many say if they had known before applying, they would have done their senior year quite differently.

As freshman Katie Margraf explains, “Going to a school with an opportunity for a scholarship makes you work harder to get into that school in high school.”

Both students and university officials look forward to the benefits the scholarships will bring to Temple.

“We’re really excited about what the scholarship program has been able to offer incoming students and again, it’s not only the opportunity for these students, but it’s the challenges that they’re going to present to us in the classroom, in our ability to give them the experiences that are truly going to make them Temple Made,” said Karin Mormando.

Karin went on to say that Temple administrators continue to find ways to keep tuition affordable for current and future Temple students.

For more information on the new scholarship programs, visit the Student Financial Services website.

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