COVID-19 Guidelines Change Experience for Student Workers

The number of students on campus has been dwindling since Temple moved to an online semester. Student workers are ensuring that on-campus buildings are safe, resourceful, and quiet spaces for remaining students to utilize.

 People are still using the facility here because people don’t have computers sometimes. So obviously it’s a great value to have it open for people” Scott, a student worker at the TECH Center, says.

COVID-19 guidelines in on-campus facilities are changing student workers’ experiences. TECH center employee Catherine Scott says these measures are in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

So we have a counter at the front tracking how many people are in the building at all times, and they get handed a wipe so they can wipe down their work stations so they don’t come in contact with anything, and they flag all the computers here so we can properly socially distance everyone,” says Scott.

Although there are students still on campus, there was a rapid decline in students using these spaces after Temple went almost all online in September.

“I’ve seen like one person ever in the game room, so I think it’s just the fact that people don’t know it’s still open,” says Jake Huber, a building manager at the Student Center.

The introduction of COVID-19 guidelines put student workers in a different working environment than they are used to.

Abbe Cohen, a student, and assistant at the film office, says these changes haven’t stopped her from loving her job.

I like being able to go outside my house every once in a while and feel kind of normal, and I like what I do it’s a nice job and I like the people there,” says Cohen.

Student-workers will continue to be essential throughout the fall and upcoming spring semester.

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