Some Professors Cancelling Election Day Classes

With no official cancellation of classes on Election Day from Temple administration, some professors are cancelling or altering their classes to help students get to the polls on November 3.

One professor, Dr. Erin Coyle, says that she is moving her synchronous sessions on November 3 to asynchronous to give her students time to vote or work on Election Day.

Quite a few of my students are journalism students who will be working on that day to cover the elections, so for some it might help them vote that day,” Dr. Coyle says.

University spokesperson Ray Betzner told Temple Update: “Temple does not recognize Election Day as a holiday. Faculty who are not holding classes on that day, or any other, should inform students of plans to cover or make-up missed content.

“We encourage students registered in Philadelphia to use the city’s satellite election office at the Liacouras Center to vote. Information on services at the site is available here:

“Students not registered in the city should check with their local election officials for additional opportunities to vote.”

Students who might not have the opportunity to vote in-person on Election Day are taking the opportunity to vote early.

Casey, a Temple senior, says, “As you can see here, it’s early voting, so the line’s already super long, and I can’t imagine how long it’ll be on Election Day, so if I didn’t have classes off I don’t know if I’d be able to.”

Zac, a sophomore, adds, “I was worried about lines and other people, and I already knew who I was voting for so I just figured I’d get it over with.”

Students planning to vote in-person on Election Day or volunteer at the polls should make sure to check with their professors to see if they’ll be holding classes on November 3.

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