New Saxbys Provides New Opportunities

The new Saxbys inside Speakman Hall is open for business.

The coffee shop is run entirely by students as part of a new Experiential Learning Program.  It is the fourth Saxbys of its kind and provides unique opportunities for its workers.

Temple University President Dr. Richard Englert says, “This is an opportunity not only for students to get great food, great beverage, but especially for students who are learning the trade of working in this kind of enterprise for them to learn on the job.”

There are currently 61 students from all over Temple working at the new Saxbys. What makes the Experiential Learning Program different is that the student workers are under the management of an undergraduate student.

School of Tourism Hospitality Management seniorJulia Maass is the store’s CEO, or Café Executive Officer.

Maass says, “I heard about this through my program at STHM and through all the stuff I learned about, it was an amazing experience for myself to grow as a professional and personally.”

Founder and CEO of Saxbys, Nick Bayer, was also on hand for the grand opening event. Bayer says the program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Maass.

“She has to lean on her team and her leadership of this café to be able to create their marketing plans, to order the right amount of product, put their product away, to be able to take care of guests, take care of one another, build relationships in the community,” says Bayer.

Maass says one of the best aspects of her experience so far has been the connections she’s made.

“We’re here on Temple’s campus serving Temple, so were a community serving a community,” Maass expressed.

President Englert summed up the program with the following description: “A student is the CEO, sixty students are working here, this is the way that students learn on the job.”

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