Omarosa Visits Klein College, Discusses Time in Trump White House

Omarosa poses with students during the book signing portion of the night.
Omarosa poses with students during the book signing portion of the night.

“When I saw Steve Bannon to my left and Steve Miller to my right, I knew we were in crazy town.”

Omarosa Manigault Newman is known for stirring up controversy – and during her recent visit to Klein College, she didn’t hold back.

The former White House aide spent two hours with students discussing her time in the Trump administration and what she took away from her time there. Omarosa originally began working in politics under President Trump‘s rivals, the Clintons. She would later go on to serve on Donald Trump’s campaign after the two became close during her participation in The Apprentice.

Manigault Newman was asked questions by moderator and personal friend, Professor Bryan Monroe, before questions were turned over to the audience. One thing Monroe asked Omarosa about was her reaction to the tragedy in Charlottesville. “There was no one to protect Trump from Trump,” Manigault Newman, who was at the NABJ conference at the time, told the audience of the alt-right rally that took the life of Heather Hayer.

Many questioned why Manigault Newman didn’t resign then and there. She gave herself a goal of hitting the one year mark before making her exit.

Ultimately, she didn’t make it.

Omarosa recounted her firing, which occurred on December 13, 2017, to the packed atrium. Manigault Newman and her husband were on their way to a White House Christmas party when she received an email from Chief of Staff John Kelly, saying he wanted to speak with her in the Situation Room.

She said she knew from then something was up.

One thing she said stood out in her mind was Sandra Bland. “If something happened to me in that room,” Omarosa said, “who would believe me?”

She needed receipts.

Manigault Newman also proved she wasn’t afraid to poke fun of herself. When discussing the circumstances around her firing, she noted that Leslie Jones’ Saturday Night Live portrayal of her banging at the window to the Oval Office makes her laugh. “It was just as ridiculous [as the real thing].”

Manigault Newman says that every quote in her book, Unhinged, can be backed up by receipts, even if some say otherwise. She called Sarah Sanders at one time a friend, but said that Sarah Huckabee Sanders was “drunk on power.”

“She [Sanders] deceives the American people endlessly.”

While Omarosa played coy about whether or not she would be getting involved in the 2020 election cycle, she did say we would be seeing more of her soon on television. She said she couldn’t make any announcements yet, but when asked if she would come back and give Temple Update the exclusive, she laughed.

“I’ll always come back to Temple.”

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