Owls Fall to Wildcats Despite Tough Fight


By: Ashley Mir

On Friday the 13th, the Owls hosted an intense game against the Villanova Wildcats. Despite the tough fight Villanova took full advantage of all opportunities on the field and owned the game, leaving the Owls at 4-9-0.


From the first whistle, Wildcats took possession. The Owls retaliated with strong double-teams and block tackles to contain Nova. The Wildcats scored off of a deflected shot on their first offensive corner.

Temple bounced back with a fast-break down the field. Nova held forceful defense and took possession once again as the Owls’ defense broke down in their defensive circle, allowing the Wildcats to score again.


The Owls were relentless. Constant communication between the midfielders and forward line allowed efficient passes down the field. Lucy Reed scored Temple’s first and only goal of the game in the 27th minute off of a rebound. With less than five minutes remaining in the first half, Nova obtained a penalty stroke, leaving the Owls down 3-1 at halftime.


Temple put immense pressure on Nova’s defense for most of the second half. They forced 4 offensive corners, searching for opportunities to score.


Despite the intensity level the Owls played, Nova took control and now stand at 5-8. The Wildcats held possession most of the game, ending with 22 shots on goal and Temple with 14. Being down by 2 goals early in the game had a major impact on Temple’s outcome.


The Owls’ next game is another home advantage. Temple will take on Penn this Sunday, October 15th at 2 P.M. The Owls are focused on improving their record.

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