Philly Spins for American Heart Association

The American Heart Association recently held two events to rally support and raise money to fight heart disease and strokes. Over 16,000 residents came out to support the American Heart Association and raise funds to fight heart disease and stroke in both the Philadelphia Heart Walk and Cycle Nation events.

“The American Heart Association mission is to be a relentless force for longer healthier life,” said Michelle Mockus, development director at the AHA. “Our Cycle Nation event is a spin ride and health and wellness expo about being preventive in your health and making sure you’re making the right decisions to live a longer healthier life.”

At the same time at the cycle nation event took place, The Philadelphia Heart walk was right next door. Elliot Barnathan co-chair of the Philadelphia Heart Walk and an executive Board member of the American Heart Association explained why its important that the Heart Association is well funded.

The Heart Association is an organization that really funds research into heart disease and stroke,” said Barnathan. “As well as promoting education for people to have a healthier lifestyle and avoid things like heart attacks and strokes.”


Teams were able to come together to raise money and show support for those effected. Heart disease is the number one killer in America, responsible for one in three deaths and strokes kill one in five.

One heart survivor, Rick Tashman was diagnosed with Endocarditis four and a half years ago, undergoing heart surgery Rick survived a heart valve replacement and the inserting of a micro valve.

Today Rick is thankful for the American Heart Association, “It occurred to me as I was riding and I don’t often think of myself as this but I am a heart survivor. So I am thankful for the American Heart Association for doing things like this today to raise awareness and raise money to make a difference and save people’s lives and thank you for saving my life, they say cycling and the Heart Association made a difference in my life. I now teach spinning, I’ve been doing that for about 14 years and that’s what gave me the extra strength to get through the surgery.”

The heart walk and Cycle Nation event raised a combined total of 2 million 153 thousand dollars and they are still accepting donations online.  



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