Baker Dave and His Plans After Temple


If you’ve been wondering where all the Temple themed treats on campus come from, well Baker David Okapal is one of the main creators. He’s worked at Temple for almost seventeen years and values the uniqueness of working at a university.

Okapal claims, “Coming here (Temple University) you have the freedom to pretty much make whatever you want. And the demand that-because people are eating- the same people are eating everyday you have to be creative so it forces you to look at things way differently than you do at a restaurant.”

He will soon be taking a new position as a Research and Development Chef in Product Development.

“I’m going to be in a kitchen that’s actually gonna be like a lab- where I’m gonna test recipes out to decide how to make them better-or how to create something new.”

If you’re curious about some of his recipes. His cooking videos are still on TUTV.

“The show for TUTV, Baker Dave Presents-that was an amazing opportunity-it gave me an opportunity to meet people from the Temple community-people not from the Temple community.

Okapal elaborates on the importance of change saying, “This is definitely the best job I’ve ever had. And it’s very hard to leave. But change is something that you have to do in your life. It’s important that you’re uncomfortable.I’m very comfortable here. It’s important that you make yourself uncomfortable at times to move onto that next level.”

Baker Dave might be moving on from Temple but we might see some of his work in our local grocery stores.


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