Regional Rail Rolling Again

SEPTA’s regional rail lines started rolling again early Sunday morning.

President Barack Obama Saturday granted Governor Tom Corbett’s request to create an emergency board to mediate the contract dispute between SEPTA and two regional rail unions. The creation of the board in effect stops the strike that began Saturday morning, and prevents workers from walking off the job for the next 240 days.

According to SEPTA’s web site, regional rail lines were operating normally Sunday morning.

Workers for two regional rail unions walked off the job at 12:01 am Saturday, bringing service on 13 regional rail lines to a halt. Temple University remained open for business as usual despite the strike. The university urged commuters to find alternate methods of transportation, and offered reduced rates at some parking facilities to help train commuters who had to drive to campus.

SEPTA subways, buses, trolleys and the Norristown High-Speed line were not affected by the walkout.

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