Report From London: Winter Wonderland

Study Away students Jackie Nelms and Taylor Garland are reporting for Temple Update from London this semester. Here is Jackie Nelm’s report on London’s Winter Wonderland: 

With the holiday season in full swing, Temple students took a trip to Hyde Park to experience London’s Winter Wonderland.

Student Aaron Jones says there is nothing like it:  “Winter Wonderland, when I first walked in, was like an Ocean City plus the craziest house you have ever seen decorated with lights and Christmas decorations and little elves. It was quite insane – the rides were pop-up so it was kind of like a carnival style. So it was very interesting.”

The famous Hyde Park is transformed into a holiday carnival at the end of November and is open to the public until the beginning of January. Entrance to Winter Wonderland is free and the festival offers something for everyone.

Another Temple student, Melissa Tate says it is like a Christmas Octoberfest. “It was an explosion of Germany, the holidays, Christmas and live music, and it reminded me a lot of Oktoberfest and there was bratwurst and waffles with chocolate. It was overwhelming, but so much fun.”

With Temple students leaving London in just a few weeks, Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland has filled them with spirit in preparation for their return home for the holidays.

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