SEPTA Returns More Trains to Market-Frankford Line

This week’s commute should be a little smoother for riders on SEPTA’s Market-Frankford line as the transit agency continues to return more cars back into service.

Last week SEPTA pulled over 100 cars from the line when mechanics found cracks on the support beams of two subway cars which prompted the inspections of many others for the same problem.

SEPTA offered extra shuttle buses along the Market-Frankford line to help with possible over-crowding and delays, however riders say they often expect these problems from public transportation.

University of the Arts student, Gigi Kaloustian depends on the Market-Frankford line to commute to school and work, and she says adding extra time to her mornings for continuous SEPTA problems can be frustrating.

“I’m already waking up early in the morning to get ready as it is. But, it is kind of… it’s stressful,” Kaloustian said.

Kaloustian’s brother, Temple Student Garen Kaloustian shares the same commute.

“I’m always questioning SEPTA’s reliability,” he said.

These concerns stem from SEPTA making headlines in the past few months when they experienced similar defects on the Regional Rail Line last summer followed by a strike just four months later.

SEPTA General Manager Jeff Knueppel says he acknowledges riders’ frustrations.

“I am aware that the M4 car issue coupled with the discovery of the Silver Liner 5 equalizer beam defect this past summer creates many questions. I want our customers to understand that safety is our highest priority,” Knueppel said during a press conference last Tuesday.

SEPTA has not said when the all the cars on the Market-Frankford line will be back in service but for now they want to ensure the safety of their riders.

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