Sixers Playoff Hype

Wednesday, the Philadelphia Sixers lost in the second game of their semifinals 121-87 to the Boston Celtics. The Sixers will play the Celtics again on Friday at the Wells Fargo Center. 

Junior Oliver Raber is excited about the game. She says, “I’m very excited. I think we can go pretty far and it’s going to be exciting to watch.”  

Some fans are just excited that the Sixers beat Boston in their first game. Freshman Cooper Simonds says, “I am so happy that in game one they took it in Boston.” 

To add to fan’s excitement, the NBA announced Tuesday that Joel Embiid, a center for the Sixers, won this year’s Most Valuable Player award.  

“I’m so excited it’s long overdue and he just deserves it so much. He is the best center in the league and I’m so happy he is the MVP,” says Olivia Raber. Sophomore Josh Arnone says that its “About damn time!” 

However, fans are not calling victory over the Celtics yet as there is a long tough road ahead of them. Josh Arnone expresses that “they need to win their home games. If they win their home games, they are going to the conference finals for the first time since 01.” Arnone continues stating, “Boston doesn’t make the same mistakes twice. So, you gotta keep playing hard.”

To get an insider perspective, we spoke with Temple alum and Sixers in-arena host Lee Farrell.  

He says, “If I could call the Guinness book of record people to come to the Wells Fargo Center I would because I’m confident enough that, that arena will be the loudest it’s ever been. So, I can not wait.” 

You can see the Sixers back in action in South Philly this Friday at 7:30. A limited number of tickets are still available. 

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