Spring Into Warmer Weather

The spring season is full of great transformations. As the temperatures continue to rise, flowers start to bloom and nature’s greenery begins to unfold. Spring has the ability to positively alter a person’s mood and change the way people dress and interact with their environment.

“Oh my god, I am so much happier. I’m just happy to be up and about and out, it really makes you feel like you want to be up and about… beautiful,” said Huda Eldosougi, a visitor from New Jersey.

“We’ve had a far too long winter and we had three inches of snow last week up in Jersey. So we’re excited to be in Philly, checking it out, enjoying this beautiful day,” said Eldosougi.

People are beginning to take advantage of the nice weather and can feel the energy in the air. People can be seen participating in more outdoor activities, like having lunch, shopping and taking leisurely strolls while socially interacting with one another.

During the spring people can reconnect with nature, and absorb the beauty of the environment. In addition, campus life begins to regain its livelihood.

Many Temple students can be seen interacting with their peers and soaking up the sun’s rays outside of Paley Library. Now that the weather is warming up #TUbigchairs have been placed on campus at the Bell Tower, and smaller colorful chairs have been put on lawns for students.

Some of these chairs stand seven feet tall, weighing nearly 300 pounds. These chairs are designed to sustain the weight of many students at one time. Many Temple students could not wait to climb into them and take pictures with their friends. The idea for the new chairs came from Temple Senior Vice President for Construction, Facilities and Operations James Creedon’s 19-year-old son Stephen, who is a frequent visitor to campus.

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