Prop Grenade Causes Scare; No Threat Posed to University

Police Car
A Philadelphia Police Department squad car seen leaving the area of Conwell Inn.
Update at 9:14PM: According to the official Temple University Twitter account, the object was a prop grenade left behind in the hotel room by a film student:
Screenshot 2014-03-23 21.11.53


Students received an alert Sunday evening of a suspicious device found in Conwell Inn, located at the intersection of Pollett Walk and Liacouras Walk.

According to the initial alert sent shortly before 6PM, the area was evacuated immediately. A front desk attendant at Conwell Inn

Screenshot of TUalert
Temple University Police sent out these two alerts, within roughly ten minutes of each other, informing students of the incident.

said that the device in question was found in a vacant room by housecleaning staff and was deemed safe, before declining to comment further.

Temple University Police Department officers at the sub-station located next door to the hotel gave no comment.

A subsequent TU alert sent roughly ten minutes later stated that the Philadelphia Bomb Squad removed the device and the area was reopened. The alert  was followed by a sigh of relief for students in the immediate area.

“It’s just so scary,” one passerby who did not wish to be identified said, minutes after the area was re-opened. “I guess you can never be too careful.”

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