Tailgate Talk | Temple Homecoming 2017

Temple alum, Josh Peters,’ creation “The Owlbulance” celebrates its seventh year in the K-Lot.

The K-Lot at the Lincoln Financial Field is synonymous with Temple Football. This lot is where the majority of Temple students and alumni can be found before a Temple Football game.

There are those that take the Temple game-day experience to the next level, including Josh Peters, the owner of the Owlbulance. The Owlbulance is a one-of-a-kind creation: an ambulance that was transformed into a tailgate party on wheels.

“This is our seventh season as the Owlbulance owners coming to tailgates,” said Peters. “Setting this whole thing up on tailgate row in the middle of it all, it’s absolutely incredible.”

If you were to take a look inside of the Owlbulance, you wouldn’t see a gurney or any medical supplies, but instead party lights, food and games.

Along with the alumni at the games, the student fan section, led by the Cherry Crusade, is always radiating energy. Cherry Crusade president, Olivia Ashley, has been a dedicated member for the past four years. She knows a thing or two about cheering on the Cherry and the White.

Cherry Crusade members pose for a picture in the front row.

“I recommend getting here early, getting ready for the pep rally,” said Ashley. “You want to make sure you get your face painted over at the student tailgate. You want to get in there super early, it’s super hype, and it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m really excited for this game.”

The Owls will take on UConn this Saturday, October 14th


Here’s Your Game-Day Lineup:

7:00 AM- Parking Lots Open

9:00 AM- Free Student Shuttles Start Leaving Temple

9:30 AM- Football and Spirit Squad Fly-In

10:30 AM- Gates Open

12:00 PM- Kickoff



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