Temple Breaks Fundraising Records

Temple University has had yet another record-breaking year of fundraising. 

With donations amassing to roughly $98 million, Temple has surpassed last years $90,648,908 record-breaking donation, according to the report on philanthropy from fiscal year 2016-2017. Another record-breaking fundraising year indicates the ongoing dedication that many have for the university.

Temple reports that the 2018 graduates have made a 10% increase in contributions to the university thus far. Young alumni are also staying connected, as seen in the 15% increase in Temple alum under the age of 30 attending one or more university-sponsored events.

Those are far from the only categories that to improve over the past year. The number of principal donors to give more than $1 million to the university increased by up to 10% this fiscal year. Additionally, the number of donors who gave in both the 2017 and 2018 fiscal years increased by 3%, and the number of alumni donors who gave in both years grew 4.5%.

Temple Toast, the university’s annual Day of Giving, reached it’s highest rate of engagement this year. More than 1,700 donors raised $242,575 in only 24 hours. The event took place in April. 

President Richard M. Englert stated in his annual State of the University address that the generous donations alumni and other benefactors give to the university have a “huge impact on the campus that we call home.”

“Our founder, Russell Conwell, believed strongly in an ethos of giving back rather than hoarding wealth for his heirs, and in that spirit, our alumni and trustees are helping us realize our greatest ideas and our greatest ambitions through their philanthropy,” said President Englert in the Temple Performing Arts center on September 20. 

Temple also received two memorable gifts this past year. One came from university trustee Steve Charles, KLN ‘80, who donated $10 million to the university. The new “Charles Library” located in the heart of Temple’s campus will be named after him.

Another gift was in the form of $4 million from Brook J. Lenfest who is the son of the late trustee H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest, establishing a scholarship for students from charter schools.

Temple Health also raised over $30 million this year; the Lewis Katz School of Medicine raised $20 million alone.

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