Updated: Mumps Infection Spreads

Temple Health Services has reported that several students have tested positive for Mumps.

An infectious disease, Mumps causes swelling of the face and salivary glands and can last from days to a few weeks.

Spread through saliva or “respiratory secretions”, Mumps is highly infectious and can spread quickly from person to person through simple interactions.

Symptoms also include flu-like responses as well as severe headaches.

The message from temple Health Services sent to students and staff at the university

Temple Health Services recommends that any student or faculty member who suspects that they may be infected seek immediate assistance from Temple Health Services, along with isolating themselves for 5 or more days.

The CDC reports that Mumps is fairly rare in the United States, but the close proximity of students in living situations at college campuses can cause a rapid spread among students and staffers.


UPDATE: Temple Health Services have now confirmed that at least 7 students have been confirmed to have contracted Mumps.

Temple health staff have also evaluated 4 other students who are believed to have contracted the illness.


Anybody seeking assistance should visit the Health Center or reach out to Health Services via StudentHealth@temple.edu

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