Inside look at the ROTC program

We took a look into Temple’s Army ROTC program and see what life is like as a cadet.

Senior criminal justice major Cadet Robert Pichini is now looking into the future of Temple as a 2nd lieutenant in the US Army. A typical day for Pichini starts at 6 AM. The battalion starts its early morning physical training that can vary from day to day.

Even when the weather is bad outside this will not stop the cadets from doing their training. Temple University Professor of Military Science Lieutenant Colonel Greg Nardi is in charge of the ROTC and is looking for the best and the brightest to join the program. Not only do the cadets have to work on regular academics they are also taught how to become military leaders in a classroom setting.

Once cadets graduate they will continue onto the military as commissioned officers for various branches within the army. A new lieutenant is typically placed into a leadership position once they have arrived at their new military unit.

Many graduates will continue their career in the military as officers far beyond what they originally signed up for. Temple’s ROTC program helps mold our future leaders of America both on and off the battlefield.


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