Temple Student Attacked on SEPTA

Police are seeking the public’s help in identifying a man who attacked a Temple University student on Friday.

18-year-old Alicia Wintemberg was riding a SEPTA train to Trenton, New Jersey, when a man asked if the train had arrived at the Trenton station yet, according to NJ.com

“Another passenger said that ‘no,’ we weren’t at Trenton, and then I very politely said we’d be there in about 20 minutes, and the Trenton stop was at the end of the line and he would know when they arrived because everyone would be getting off the train,” Wintemberg told NJ.com.

Upon arriving and exiting the train at Trenton Transit Station, the male passenger stood up and allegedly punched her in the face before running away from the scene.

Two women riding the same train took Wintemberg to NJ Transit Police, as Wintemberg nursed a cut to her forehead. She was taken to a nearby hospital and treated, receiving seven stitches

“I was kind of in shock after it happened and I was bleeding a lot from my head and it was all running through my fingers and down my arm,” Wintemberg told NJ.com.

While the incident did occur on a SEPTA Train, NJ Transit Police conducted a search of the train, but police failed to locate the man. Police, however, did obtain security footage from onboard the train and from the station.

Wintemberg described the attack to police as a Caucasian man about 23 to 30 years old, and nearly 6-feet tall. The attacker was wearing a black jacket, jeans, and carrying a black backpack.

As of Sunday, no charges or arrests have been announced.


The alleged attacker is now wanted by local police (PC: NJ.com)



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