Temple Student Government Postpones Election Results

Temple Student Government elections for the 2017-2018 school year, which were supposed to be announced this morning, have been postponed until 12 p.m. tomorrow.

TSG released a statement last night saying it would be postponing the results to make sure the election is fair from its campaign efforts all the way to its results.

“Due to the increased complexity regarding having members of Parliament running at the same time as executive candidates, as well as the single-transferable voting system, we felt that it was necessary in order to preserve the integrity of elections,” TSG Elections Commissioner Noah Goff said. “And to make sure that everything was fair all the way from campaigning all the way through voting and election results being reported.

Activate TU, which is one of the tickets in this year’s election, also had its campaign suspended at 7:15 p.m. yesterday due to an election code violation regarding canvassing. The suspension was lifted an hour later.

“Yesterday afternoon we had given Activate TU an election code violation due to the information we had. However, when more information was presented to us we then decided it was appropriate to lift the violation,” Goff said.

Temple Update received statements from both campaigns.

Connecting TU said that they started their campaign ethically and that’s how they want to end it.

Activate TU said they became aware of the postponement via Twitter and have not since gotten any new information.

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