Temple Suspends In-Person Classes for 2 Weeks to Slow COVID-19 Spread

Temple University is suspending in-person classes for two weeks to help slow the spread of COVID-19 around the Temple community.

Any student taking in-person classes will temporarily attend class online starting Monday, August 31. In-person classes are expected to resume on Monday, September 14, although a decision to further postpone or cancel classes could be made during the two weeks that classes are online.

University housing and student services like the TECH Center, Charles Library and dining halls will still be open during the two-week online period.

Deans of schools and colleges are allowed to mark certain classes as “essential”. These essential classes will continue in-person. Students and faculty in these courses will be notified via email.

The university’s decision to move classes online comes alongside new guidance from the Philadelphia Health Department for students to stop attending social gatherings of any size. The city and the university point to social gatherings happening off campus as the cause for the spike in cases. A TU Alert sent Saturday night directs students to avoid attending them.

In just over a week after returning to campus, the university is reporting Sunday, 103 active COVID-19 cases after testing about 5,000 people. According to the university, many of those with the virus are asymptotic and very few are experiencing “mild flu-like” symptoms. You track the latest COVID-19 case numbers on Temple Update’s visualized case dashboard.

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