Temple Theater’s “Into the Woods”

Grab some popcorn, because Tomlinson Theater is presenting its latest production: “Into the Woods”!

Temple University is putting on the award-winning show from February 23rd to March 2nd. This production displays Temple students’ impeccable talents within all the realms of theatre!

Characters like the Baker, Cinderella, Jack, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Witch, all learn the price that comes with making a wish in this theater piece. Evan Sleppy, who plays The Narrator, notes that this show is “a story about healing and how people traverse through trauma get out on the other side of it”. 

From exquisite costumes to amazing sets, this Sondheim musical truly immerses the audience into the world of “Into the Woods”. Assistant Director Bari Secondino remarks that their “favorite part of the process was getting to work with Brandon and the cast” and watching “how they developed their characters”. 
Buy tickets online here, with only a $10 fee for Temple students! Make sure to catch the show with the last opportunity being March 2nd at 7:30 PM!

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