The Music Industry Adjusts to COVID-19

With the continued spread of COVID-19 many industries have had to adjust and make changes in order to continue operations, and the music industry is no exception. Record labels like South Philadelphia’s own Obsidian Studios continue to operate throughout the pandemic providing a home for Philadelphia based artists to record safely.

Though the pandemic has provided many challenges for up and coming artists rapper Sekou Malik looks at the positive aspects it has brought to the forefront.

“It’s a different feel this year because like the clubs shut down early and that was like a big thing for me last year when I was trying to get myself played in clubs and stuff like that. The positive part about it though is everybody’s in the crib, more people on their phones so as long as your targeting the right audience you can run it up”

While Obsidian has navigated the roadblocks of COVID-19 they also have provided fellow Temple students with a way to follow their passions while also gaining valuable industry experience. Senior Klein College Public Relations major Park Sehgal has been interning with the studio since the beginning of the fall semester and works as their main line of communication.

“My main function as the PR intern is media management in terms of our social media our website, creating content for our website also editing it and making sure it works and the booking calendar approving or denying booking requests”

Obsidian continues to hold live studio sessions throughout the fall, and you can find more information on them and booking at their website

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