How Small Businesses are Adapting to the Virus

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses across the country have closed their doors for good. Small businesses in particular struggle to bring in business and profitable revenue.

In the heart of Manayunk, Main Street is home to several small businesses that have adapted to the pandemic in order to remain open. 

Stephanie Johnson, the general manager of Pet Friendly Dog Bakery states “The first couple months we were pretty slow. It was just getting people to feel comfortable about coming into the store again. We started doing a lot more online presence, just to make sure we were kinda in people’s minds.”

Cases of coronavirus are still at a constant increase. The possibility of re-closure, is something on many employees’ minds.

“It would be a real damper on the holiday. Cause we definitely are still trying to make up some of our lost sales from when we were closed before,” said Stephanie Johnson. 

While some businesses are suffering those shopping in the area express the importance of supporting local businesses.

“They add to the town that they’re in or the city they’re in. They have like a unique personality that big corporations and big stores don’t have” said shopper Jade Uffelman.

General manager Stephanie Johnson offers some words of encouragement to other businesses in the area. 

“As long as you care about your business and, and you know you are engaging customers your business will survive,” she said.

Information regarding the businesses on Main Street and the surrounding area can be found on the Manayunk directory website.

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