Trump Excites Crowd at Newtown Rally


Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump had no problem getting crowd reactions, and hyping up the energy of the thousands of supporters that gathered in Newtown, PA to hear him speak Friday night. The nominee made a stop in Bucks County in efforts to win over Pennsylvania voters with the election just a little over two weeks away.

Supporters of all ages, young females and teenage boys alike, came together in several chants including ones like “USA! and “Bimg_3717-3uild the wall!” as they awaited the nominee’s arrival. Potential voters waited in line for hours outside of the Newtown Athletic Complex with signs and shirts that bore Trump’s face, and hats that read his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.”

Trump was introduced by many local republicans that both hold and are running for office as well as the owner of the NAC, Jim Worthington. Sources say about 20 or more people proceeded to cancel their memberships to the athletic complex after hearing of Trump’s scheduled appearance.

Trumped arrived a little after 7 p.m. as the crowd roared and continued their previous “USA!” chants. The candidate spoke of familiar topics such as tax reform, repealing Obamacare, fighting Isis and immigration policies including building the wall between the US and Mexico.

“Don’t worry about the wall. We’re going to have the wall,” he said. “They may not know it yet, but they’re paying for it,” in reference to Mexico.

Trump also took several jabs at his opponent, Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton, calling her “the most corrupt person to ever run for the presidency of the United States.” The crowd reacted with chants shouting “Lock her up!”

The Republican Candidate also continued his accusations that the media has been rigging the election. He told the crowd to turn around to the media post set up behind them saying, “Look at them. They’re the most dishonest people.” The crowd cheered and began shouting “CNN sucks!”

Although the energy was high, the crowd dispersed peacefully after Trump wrapped his speech and prepared to head to Gettysburg, PA for a speech the following day.

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