TSG Election Comes to a Close

The Temple Student Government Elections are coming to a close, and some students still don’t know what they are voting for. Last year, only six percent of the student body voted in the TSG elections.

This year, all four tickets have been campaigning on campus and on social media to earn student’s votes, and raise that percentage. Believe in TU and Empower TU were out in full force on Tuesday and Wednesday following their debate on Monday.

The tickets stopped students at the Bell Tower and on Polett Walk to tell them about the election and to try and win their votes.

Some students were not even aware that there was an election going on. Sophomore Jessica Singler said she was approached by Empower TU on Polett Walk.

“They pulled me to the side and told me to vote for them,” said Singler. “No idea what I’m voting for, but I figured once I go online I’d figure that out.”

Whether they decide to vote or not, students believe that it is important to have their voices heard when the university makes changes and decisions.

“It’s very important, students need to get their voices heard,” said freshman Monica Lengle, “a lot more people need to know about it because it’s so important for them to be voting and voicing their opinions.”

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