TSG Elections 2016: Empower TU

“A group of dedicated, experienced Temple leaders” is what Empower TU believes they are. The group of three students are running for the top three positions on Temple Student Government’s Executive Board.

Empower TU is made up of Aron Cowen, running for Student-Body President, Kelly Dawson, Vice President of Services and Jai Singletary, Vice President of External Affairs.

The team is one of two that hope to revamp the structure of Temple Student Government. They want to create a Unicameral Representative Parliament with 40 elected students. They hope to have 20 at-large representatives, 13 collegiate school representatives and 7 issues-based representatives. They chose to call the elected body a parliament because that is the name for a group of Owls.

Empower TU hopes to bridge the gap between university officials and the student body and have not taken an official stance on the on-campus stadium because they have very diverse ideas as a group.

“I’ve been thoroughly dissatisfied with Temple Student Government since I’ve been at Temple,” said Dawson, who wasn’t initially convinced she wanted to run for the student government body. “I was thinking ‘you know, I can’t stand outside and throw rocks at a window, like if someone’s offering me the chance to be the change, I should go ahead and actually be the change that I want to see.”

The teams full platform can be found here, and if you are a current student at Temple University, you can vote in the Temple Student Government Election on uvote.temple.edu. Votes can be cast March 29-30 and the winner will be announced March 31.

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