TSG Elections 2016: Owl Opportunity

Aimed at accessibility and affordability, three students have formed the Owl Opportunity ticket in the race for the top three positions within Temple Student Government.

Owl Opportunity is made up of Michael Horwath, running for Student-Body President, Lady Carmela Robinson, Vice President of External Affairs and Titus Knox, Vice President of Services.

Their biggest talking point is that they want to connect those in the higher administration with the students. They hope to do this by creating a student senate with elected officials from each school within the university as well as a student from each academic year. Owl Opportunity is one of two teams hoping to completely reestablish the structure of the Temple Student Government.

“As TSG, you’re not supposed to really represent what you feel like is best, you’re supposed to allow students to do that for you,” said Knox.

These sentiments resound throughout the team and they have not provided an official stance on Temple’s plan for a possible on-campus stadium.

However, they do hope to increase financial literacy among students and they would like to advocate that all classes list all possible expenses in the course listings along with making open-source textbooks a standard across the university.

The teams full platform can be found here, and if you are a current student at Temple University, you can vote in the Temple Student Government Election on uvote.temple.edu. Votes can be cast March 29-30 and the winner will be announced March 31.

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