Tyler Art Market Open for Homecoming Festivities

The Tyler School of Art hosted the 5th Annual Art Market on Friday, where alumni and current students of the school could be found selling their crafts and promoting their work. Over 40 different featured artists gathered at this event to set up tables and display the work they had put their heart and soul into for this exciting exhibition.

groupLeft to Right: James Rich(senior/printmaking), Ian McLaughlin(senior/printmaking),David Love(senior/printmaking),Victoria Lagano(senior/visual studies)
Left to Right: James Rich(senior/printmaking), Ian McLaughlin(senior/printmaking), David Love(senior/printmaking), Victoria Lagano(senior/visual studies)

The market, open from 12 pm to 8pm, also included a happy hour provided by Victory Brewing Company opening at 5pm for those of age.

Crafts ranged from ceramics to clothing, to jewelry and hand sewn journals. While most of these products were being sold by alumni and the businesses they established, many student run art groups were also present. One group, the Tyler Print Guild, is a group of Tyler students who share a passion for printmaking. Four members of the organization attended the Art Market, selling not only their own work but the work of other members of the club.

David Love, a senior printmaking student, is a member of the Tyler Print Guild who is selling his own work. Love’s prints are a one block production, meaning he used one stencil block to print several layers of color on one print. This method is not only cheaper since he’s a money conscious college student, but it only allows him to make a limited amount of prints. At the Art Market, only 15 of these limited edition prints are each being sold for $5.

While all the prints sold by the Tyler Print Guild are based around the individual artist’s concepts, most have reference to pop culture and elements from street culture and modern design. The passion for art and printmaking is what brought all of these artists together at this annual market, but Love said there was something more that interests him in it. “The market makes fine art prints accessible to college students. We sell everything at low prices because we’re students too and we understand how tight money is.”

The Annual Art Market has become a part of the homecoming weekend festivities as of five years ago, and due to the successful turnout, likely for years to come.

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