Unite TU Campaigning for Your Vote in the TSG 2018 Election

Update 3/31/18: Since publication of this article, Adrienne Hines, the candidate for Vice President of External Affairs, has resigned from her position with Unite TU. Since her resignation, the campaign has appointed Andrea Yeakel to fill the position. Yeakel was the former communications director for the campaign. Check back with Temple Update for the latest, as this is a developing story.

Original Post 3/29/18: 

Led by presidential candidate Danny Borine, Unite TU is taking a proactive approach to this year’s Temple Student Government Election.

Borine explained to Temple Update that “Unite TU’s number one goal overall is to be proactive. We don’t believe that we need to react to situations if we can prevent them from happening.”

The team holds itself to three pillars:

  1. Supporting Temple students
  2. Improving existing resources
  3. Accountability

Their top two ticket items include improving mental and physical health resources and substance abuse support.

Venice Salcedo, the team’s Vice President of Services candidate, explained how the team plans on taking a proactive approach to these issues.

“We really want to improve orientation trainings. So when students come for orientation, we want to be able to tell them exactly what resources we have at Temple, and what resources are in Philadelphia community as a whole,” Salcedo explained.

The team also hopes to continue initiatives such as the Cherry Pantry, which provides food to students who are struggling financially and cannot afford to buy food.

Unite TU is the only ticket to state in their written platform that they do not support an on campus stadium.

Borine went into more detail about this, explaining that Unite TU feels that the university is not being clear enough with its plan of action for the stadium, and that this lack of transparency is not helping the ongoing struggle between North Philadelphian community members and Temple students. He went on to say that until Temple can provide more transparency on the plan moving forward, and one that will satisfy the members of the North Philadelphian community, he and his team will not stand behind the idea of an on-campus stadium.

Along with the transparency they hope to see from Temple with the ongoing stadium debate, Unite TU hopes to keep a strong sense of transparency within their own administration. They hope to keep open relations with the student body to make sure everyone enjoys their time at Temple.

Unite TU’s full platform is available to read here.

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