Voice TU Campaigning for Your Vote in the TSG 2018 Election

Lead by presidential candidate Tyler Lum, Voice TU stands atop a platform based on three major themes: unite, grow, and advocate.  Lum and his Vice Presidents, Bridget Warlea and Almas Ayaz, believe that students should make their voices heard.

“We want student to be vocal about issues. We want students to voice their opinion, whether that be in a formal or informal setting, and we want them to know that we have their back as far as in making sure that they are heard,” says Lum.

Voice TU believes in mending the current relationship with the North Philadelphia community and Temple students. Although not in their official platform, Voice TU has expressed opposition to the university’s plans for an on-campus stadium.

“The university needs to understand that there should not be a stadium here in North Philadelphia and that is because it is not beneficial for anyone or any stakeholders currently at the table,” Lum explains.

The campaign plans to unite Temple by directly addressing hate-speech, expanding resources for sexual assault survivors, creating more attainable child care services around campus, and expanding resources for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Voice TU also will advocate for a safer campus with the implementation of active shooter drills, and for more housing options that match the economic needs of the student population.

Reforming Temple Student Government is another goal for the Voice TU team.  They aim to strengthen Parliament’s transparency by establishing a communications team, and reform the Ethics Board to increase accountability.

The most important thing to the Voice TU campaign is having a voice on the Board of Trustees.

“Right now we don’t have a vote on the Board of Trustees and as student being I would say the most important thing at this university, I think it is important that we have a voice at the table,” says Lum. “Right now we are given a seat and sometimes given a mic to speak at those Board of Trustees meeting but never given a vote.”

Voice TU’s full platform is available to read here.

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