Where to See Philadelphia from a Birds Eye View

This week, Temple Update traveled to new heights to see Philadelphia’s newest attraction. 

After months of anticipation, the One Liberty Place Observation Deck is now open and ready for residents and visitors alike to experience the city from a bird’s eye view.

The 57 floor, 883 foot skyscraper brings a new light to Philadelphia’s most scenic sights, while playing on the historic roots of the city. The deck features a large bust of founding father Benjamin Franklin, a Philadelphia Flyers penalty box, and multiple touch screen kiosks that display the city during both the day and night to giver visitors the full experience.

Temple Update caught up with General Manager Evan Evans, who said that the opening of the observation deck would give Philadelphians a new perspective on the city they call home.

“Few people have had the opportunity to see Philadelphia from this height and see what a beautiful city it really is, so this kind of unlocks and offers a very different view than most Philadelphians are accustomed to.” Evans also said that the project pays homage to Philadelphia’s rich history by creating mosaic murals using photos of iconic Philadelphia landmarks and symbols.

Del Costanzo, Resident Director of Temple Towers, and Chelsea O’Hara, a Temple junior, appreciated the interactive aspects of the deck, while Sue Bowers, a Philadelphia native, was more intrigued by the view itself.

After soaking in the sites, visitors can buy some Philadelphia goodies such as hats, tee shirts, and artwork in the store below the observation deck.




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