Women’s Lax Falls to Big 5 Rival La Salle, 7-4

The Lady Owls (1-1) faced Big 5 rival La Salle Explorers  (2-0) on home ground Wednesday afternoon. Face off was set for 3pm.

La Salle scored the first two points in a matter of 7 minutes by lead players Caitlyn Brostrand (3 points) and Claire Andrews (3 points).  Temple did not let up.

In a matter of a minute, Temple’s lead scorer Jaymie Tabor (2 points) took her first shot against La Salle. Immediately after, Nicole Tienran of the Lady Owls charged from mid-field through the Explorers’ defense to tie up the game.

Brostrand then took 2 back-to-back shots to lead Temple by 2 points.

Temple raced the clock with just 3 minutes till the half, until Rachel Barile (assisted by Kirstie Connor) of the Owls scored with a minute left. The first half ended 4-3, La Salle.

After battling up and down the field, Temple’s Jaymie Tabor scored a goal 9 minutes into the second half.  This was Temple’s last score of the game.

Claire Andrews scored 2 points for La Salle, and Erin McCabe finished the game with an extra point for La Salle at 7-4.

The Owls face Cornell Sunday at noon.

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